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Think ahead, save money.

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Think ahead, save money.

The best time to install Radon Mitigation is during home construction for two reasons.

First, there is total access to areas that would be impossible to reach after the construction is completed. This could include sealing the entire area underneath a poured concrete slab, which, after all, is where the radon originates. It also allows access to space inside walls and through floors for routing the piping up through the interior of the home instead of having to hang the vent piping on the outside.

Second, for excellent final results. Because of the complete access described above, mitigation installed during construction yields radon readings that are near the radon levels found outdoors, and you can’t get better than that! Readings under 2.0 pCi/l and often under 1.0 pCi/l are very common.

The radon techniques Radon Engineering uses are the Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency. When installed during construction, the result is a home that is safer, healthier, and radon-resistant. That is why more and more cities and counties are requiring radon mitigation in all newly constructed residences, and more and more builders are including RRNC in their homes whether required or not.

We serve the Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs areas.

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